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*All prices with a + sign are the starting price of level based structure. The level system in the spa is based on therapists meeting customer service objectives and the demand of their time. The therapists at all levels are highly trained and have exceptional skills. Prices may change slightly at each level. Please call the spa for specific therapist levels and pricing.

Stones on Foot


Sunflower Honey Butter CBD Hot Stone

Sole Rejuvenation

 In addition to an invigorating sugar exfoliation and warm, infused towel compress, enjoy a state of total bliss as heated volcanic stones are swept from heel to knee using a delicious blend of cinnamon CBD and sunflower honey butter followed by a soothing extended foot and lower leg massage, increasing relaxation and releasing energy.  A much needed hot stone shoulder and neck massage completes this rejuvenating retreat.

60 Min $86+

Refreshing Foot Scrub

Includes an invigorating foot scrub, hot towel compress & pressure point specific massage. This is a great addition to any Facial, Body or Massage Treatment.

Choose between Honey Spun Sugar or Herbal Mint

15 Min $14

Hot Stone Foot Retreat
Reflexology Therapy_edited.jpg


Will Dew CBD Hot Stone Cocoon

An ultra-rich, deep CBD-infused treatment moisturizes the hands & arms and relieves stress. Skin is polished to perfection with a juicy Rasmopolitan scented scrub followed by an organic, nourishing hand mask. Finished off with a hot stone massage to promote lymphatic drainage and to help soothe overworked hands.

45 Min $66+

Ageless Hand Peel

Rediscover your youth and turn back the "hands" of time. This resurfacing treatment will even skin tone, fine lines, age spots and hyperpigmentation, providing smoother, more vibrant hands.

*Must be added on to full Facials, Microdermabrasion, Dermaplane, Nano or Botanical Peel

*15 Min $42

Hot Stone Hand Retreat
Hot Stone Hand Kelly G.JPG
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