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Mask Talk: Facial Masking 101

Solei & Co. Master Esthetician Kelly Gavin answers frequently asked facial masking questions

Q: Why Should I Use a Face Mask?

A: Facial masks are great for targeting different skin concerns such as acne, dehydration, hyperpigmentation, congestion and more!

Q: How Often Should I Mask?

A: That depends on the recommendation given to you by your Esthetician, but as a general rule of thumb 1-3 times a week is going to be

the most effective.

Q: What Kind of Mask Should I Use?

A: That depends on what skin concerns you have. If you are trying to address dryness or dehydration, look for masks with ingredients like oils (avocado, squalene, jojoba), hyaluronic acid, and AHA's. For acne or congested skin, look for BHA's, clays, and antiseptic ingredients like tea tree. For hyperpigmentation you will want to look for AHA's, kojic acid and Vitamin C or B3.

Q: Botanical or Clinical Mask- What's the Difference?

A: The main difference is the approach the skincare line is using to treat skin conditions. Botanical lines tend to use plants and a more natural route to improve skin. Clinical lines still use plant ingredients, just in a more refined and concentrated form and have the addition of peptides, enzymes, acids and more to tackle skin issues. Neither is better, both can be extremely effective and improve skin health! It is also totally possible to use a blend of the two to achieve your skincare goals! There is no wrong answer or way. each person may need a different kind of mask or product to reach their goals, that's why having an Esthetician to guide you through the process is so important. We can help lead you to the best and more tailored approach to your healthiest and most beautiful skin!


Brand Breakdown: FarmHouse Fresh

FarmHouse Fresh is a botanical or plant-based line which means all (or at least the great majority) of their products including masks are made from plant ingredients. You will find ingredients like active yogurt cultures, avocado oil and clays in their masks. Even though they are botanically based, these masks pack a punch! You will definitely feel these masks working while they are on and see beautiful results after. My personal favorites from FHF are Pudding Apeel, Will Dew and Guac Star.


Brand Breakdown: Bioelements

Bioelements is a line that blends botanical and clinical ingredients. This means both plant-based and active ingredients such as amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants and proteins are used throughout the line, including the masks. These masks are very effective because great ingredient blends can target many skin concerns. My personal favorites from Bioelements are Kerafole and

Collagen Rehab.


Brand Breakdown: PCA Skin

PCA is a clinical skincare line which means it uses plant extracts, AHA's/BHA's, refined active ingredients and antioxidants in their products. In the PCA masks you will find ingredients such as papaya enzyme, pumpkin enzyme, charcoal, hyaluronic acid and pumice. These masks are treatment-based and extremely effective. For extremely stubborn skin conditions a clinical line is typically the most effective approach due to the amount of concentrated active ingredients. My favorite PCA masks are the Hydrating Mask, Revitalizing Mask, and Purifying Mask.


Meet Gavin

Kelly Gavin has been with us at Solei for almost 1 year now! She is a Master Esthetician who graduated from the Euro Institute of Skin Care and Washington Laser Institute. She grew up in the beauty industry and fell in love with helping women feel beautiful and confident in their own skin! Some of her favorite things in life include sweets, the original Charmed series, all animals but especially dogs, and ALL things beauty!


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