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Yoga Tips For Beginners

Solei & Co. LMT Mari Allday shares her yoga tips and recommendations for beginner's yoga practice.

Try These Tips When Starting Out:

  1. Practice in a warm room- Cold muscles are stiff muscles!

  2. Practice on an empty stomach

  3. Wear comfortable clothes

  4. Stay present with body awareness

  5. Breath deeply and often

  6. Trust your body, don't be competitive

  7. Find peace within each pose

  8. Keep your body balanced- for each pose perform a counterpose

  9. Inhale when backbending, Exhale when forward bending

  10. If you're down, move around! Feeling great? Meditate.


Meet Mari

Solei LMT Mari has been with Solei for over a year and brings so much love and healing into her work. She knew she wanted to be in the healthcare field since she was in high school and found her calling in massage therapy. What she enjoys most about her work is bringing people back to their bodies and empowering them to heal themselves. Mari recognizes the importance of self-care, and practices it by spending time in nature, yoga and time alone. When she’s not working her massage magic, you can find her hanging out with her dog and husband, going to concerts, cooking, baking and all the DIY craft projects. She moved to Washington from Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2018 and we are so glad to have her here with our Solei family!

When you're feeling knotty, it's time for a massage by Mari!


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