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Spring Service Specials Available March 13th - May 31st


All massage specials are phone reservation only- call (253) 447-7578 to make your reservation.

Spring Cleaning Cupping Massage


Release tension & soothe sore muscles while hands & feet are soaked in nourishing honey butter. Cupping therapy decompresses and gently suctions and lifts tissue to effectively release tight fascia, increase circulation, relieve inflammation, muscle and joint pain, and more. Integrated with a deep, relaxing massage. Hands and feet are nourished in a warm, moisturizing Sunflower Honey Butter cocoon, topped with a steaming hot towel.


75 Minute Cupping Massage

Sunflower Honey Butter Hand & Foot Cocoon

90 Min $129

"Bee Well" Honey Lavender Scrub & Massage


Our springtime favorite is back! Enjoy the skin smoothing benefits of a full body scrub and the ultra-relaxing benefits of a full body massage. With subtle hints of raw honey and fresh garden lavender, this skin smoothing relaxing body treatment is sure to please. 


Roman Dry Brushing

Honey-Lavender Body Scrub

Relaxing Full-Body Massage

75 Min $99


All skin care specials are phone reservation only- call (253) 447-7578 to make your reservation.

Probiotic Resurfacing Facial


Spring into balanced, exfoliated and renewed skin! Reveal a new glow to your skin as face is smoothed with your choice of exfoliating Dermaplane or Microderm. Skin finds its balance with a nourishing organic, probiotic coconut milk mask. Combining powerful healthy bacteria (both prebiotics and probiotics) plus certified organic rice extract to reduce signs of sensitive skin by delivering deep moisturization. Relax while you mask with a polishing Dermafile hand treatment and nourishing mint julep-scented hand massage.


Choice of Dermaplane or Microdermabrasion

Probiotic Balancing Mask

Dermafile Hand Treatment

Mint Julep Hand Massage

*Optional Peel Upgrade $29

45 Min $99

Juice Cleanse Detox Facial


Best of both worlds! Free peel upgrade with this skin-detoxifying facial. Enjoy the relaxing, skin-soothing benefits of a full facial with a bonus brightening lactic peel to give you a luminous, healthy glow while ridding your skin of impurities. A relaxing Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage of the face and neck follows, releasing toxins and aiding in the healing of your skin and body. A gentle green tea antioxidant mask will soothe the skin as your hands are scrubbed and massaged with a delightful "Juice Cleanse" sugar scrub. The perfect skin and body detox!


Full Facial

Brightening Lactic Peel

MLD Massage

Juice Cleanse Hand Scrub & Massage

*Optional Dermaplane Upgrade $29

60 Min $129 ($42 in Savings!)