Solei + Co. Squad

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Jenni | Spa Owner
Spa Owner • Licensed Esthetician • Licensed Massage Therapist
Becky | Business Development Manager
Amanda | Marketing Director
Michelle | Spa Manager
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Tricia | Level 5 Licensed Esthetician
Operations Leader

Specializes In: Brazilian Waxing, Chemical Peels, Clinical Facials
Jen-Ranae | Level 5 Master Esthetician
Esthetics Trainor

Specializes In: Brow Design, Microneedling, Lash Lifts
Katy | Level 4 Master Esthetician
Specializes In: Microneedling, Brazilian Waxing, Chemical Peels
Jessica | Level 2 Master Esthetician
Master Esthetician • Licensed Massage Therapist

Specializes In: Acne Treatments, Microneedling, Brazilian Waxing
Mikayla | Level 2 Licensed Esthetician
Specializes In: Brazilian Waxing, Nano Current Lifting Treatment, Chemical Peels
Joelle | Level 2 Master Esthetician
Chrissy | Level 1 Master Esthetician
Shelby | Level 1 Master Esthetician
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Kelly | Reiki Master/Level 4 Licensed Massage Therapist
Specializes In: Reiki Energy Healing, Lomi Lomi, Hot Stone, Cupping Therapy
Kelsey | Level 4 Licensed Massage Therapist
Specializes In: Upper Body Work, Cupping Therapy, Body Treatments
Kierra | Level 3 Licensed Massage Therapist
Michelle | Level 3 Licensed Massage Therapist
Lakeland Spa Manager

Specializes In: Pain Relieving Treatments, Hot Stone + Cupping Therapy, Relaxing Body Treatments
Jessica | Level 2 Licensed Massage Therapist
Licensed Massage Therapist/Master Esthetician

Specializes In: Maternity Massage, Cupping Therapy, Body Treatments
Mari | Level 1 Licensed Massage Therapist
Specializes In: Reflexology, Trigger Point Massage, Cupping Therapy
Ashlyn | Level 1 Licensed Massage Therapist
Specializes In: Deep Tissue Massage, Injury Based Treatments, Stretching + Body Treatments
Alex | Level 1 Licensed Massage Therapist
Erica | Level 1 Licensed Massage Therapist
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Guest Services

Darya | Lead Guest Services/Events Coordinator
Lead Guest Services Specialist/Events Coordinator
Halle | Lead Guest Services Specialist
Eve | Guest Services Specialist
Sara | Guest Services Specialist
Petra | Guest Services Specialist
Guest Services Specialist
Anna | Guest Services Specialist
Guest Services Specialist
Haley | Guest Services Specialist
Jessie | Guest Services Specialist
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About Us

Solei Day Spa is Lakeland's ultimate award-winning Spa destination! Offering an extensive menu of unique services varying from specialized Massage, Skin Care, Scrubs, Wraps 

Full Body Waxing, Eyelash Enhancements and exclusive Spa parties, Solei has it all! 


Each treatment room is beautifully decorated, cozy and inviting, with soothing aromas emerging from behind each doorway,

giving just a hint of the luxurious treatments that are being imparted upon each visitor. ​


We wants every client to feel as if they are at a close friends house who just so happens to give fantastic spa treatments! 

At Solei We Only Ask This Of You: Be Here. Be Well. Be You.


Lakeland- 1418 Lake Tapps Pkwy SE,

Suite C-104

Auburn, WA, 98092

Open Mon-Thurs 9-9pm, Fri-Sun 9-7pm

(253) 447-7578

Sumner Boutique- 1202 Main St.

Suite 100

Sumner, WA, 98390

Open Wed-Sun 10-4pm

(253) 750-3656

*Sumner is open for retail only, full spa set to open late at a later date*
















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